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Be Strong Geum Soon @ Hancinema

163 episodes


This is a story of a young widow, Geum-Soon, who never becomes discouraged or blames other people - no matter what happens in her life. The viewers will get both hope and comfort by watching her do her best in everything she does.
It is also a story of a family who loves and takes care of each other. You can always turn to your family and their love gives you the hope to get through the tough times. Sometimes, they seem to make your life more difficult, but they will always stand up for you and love you whatever you do.

Na, Geum-Soon (Acted by Han Hye-Jin)

Her father died and her mother left when she was young. She was raised by her grandmother. She was a mature and thoughtful child. Even when she was lonely and sad, she pretended that everything was fine because she didn't want to worry her grandmother. Her dream is to become a hairdresser and then create a total beauty line like Vidal Sasson or Babilyss, with her name on it. However, she had to postpone her dream when she got pregnant and married Jeong-wan. Her husband was a college student and her parents were reluctant to have her as their daughter-in-law. One day, her husband died in an accident. She gave a birth to a boy after her husband died. She decided to raise her child by herself, just as her grandmother raised her.

Na, Geum-Ah (Acted by Choi Ja-Hye)

She's Geum-Soon's cousin. She's always quiet and does what she's supposed to do. She went to college to become a teacher like her mother has always wanted, but she doesn't want to be a teacher at all. She secretly takes acting classes, and meanwhile pretends to be a perfect daughter at home. She likes Tae-Wan. In fact, she might want to be an actor just because she wants to be closer to him. Later, both her family and his find out about their relationship, and her mother closely watches her every move. Since she can't see Tae-wan any more, her feelings towards him get even stronger.

Goo, Jae-hee (Acted by Kang Ji-Hwan)

He's a good-looking and skilled surgeon. He seems to have it all. He's the nicest man to his patients, but to others he comes across as very arrogant. He's very competitive. Every time he runs into Geum-Soon, there is a problem. After feeling guilty about breaking Geum-Soon's scooter, he helps her get a job in a beauty shop. The more he gets to know Geum-Soon, the more he likes her. She's far from the type of woman he's been looking for, but he's slowly falling for her. However, after he learns that she's a widow with a child, he tries to keep his distance. Later, he realizes that he truly loves her just the way she is and decides to embrace her painful past.

Noh, Tae-Wan (Acted by Lee Min-Ki)

He's very good-looking. He dreams of becoming a famous model one day. He never forgets to work out in the fitness club, and buys himself nice clothes even though he doesn't have money for food. He doesn't make any money for the moment. He doesn't mean to cause trouble in the family, but he always does. He's not sure if it's out of pity or love, but he cares for Geum-Soon. However, he just stands by her and quietly helps her out. He often visits Geum-Soon at her work, so some people think he's her boyfriend. Later, he falls for Eun-Ju who is the manager of the beauty shop where Geum-Soon is working. A beautiful woman with money like Eun-ju is his exact type.


1. 좋은 날 - Marry-M

2. 사랑할 순 없는거죠 - 기후

3. 내 삶의 저 끝까지 - 수지

4. 굳세어라 금순아 - 이윤종

5. 기도할게요 - 도은영

6. 사랑할 순 없는거죠 (Slow) - 정재환

7. 좋은 날 (Humming)

8. 눈을 감아요 - 이윤종

9. Theme For Sad

10. 눈을 감아요 (Guitar solo)

11. 기도할게요 (Humming)

12. 또 다른 시작 - Marry-M

Episode guide

Eps. 1
Geum-soon is bright and thoughtful. Since her father died and her mother abandoned her, she was raised by her grandmother. She wants to be a hairdresser. She’s taken the hairdresser-licensing test many times, but she fails every time. She meets Jeong-wan when she visits her aunt’s house which is a boarding house for college students. One day, Jeong-wan asks Geum-soon to pick up his mother at the bus terminal and show the way to his place. Jeong-wan’s mother isn’t impressed with the young lady who comes to meet her on behalf of her son.

Eps. 2
Geum-soon realizes that she’s pregnant. Her aunt and grandmother notice that Geum-soon isn’t herself and soon find out that she’s pregnant. Jeong-shim asks Jeong-wan about his relationship with Geum-soon, but he tells her that they’re just friends.

Eps. 3
Geum-soon’s grandmother finds out that Jeong-wan is the baby’s father and gets furious. Her grandmother asks every detail about Jeong-wan and his family and tells Geum-soon to bring him before her. Left without any other choice, Geum-soon goes to Jeong-wan’s school to find him.

Eps. 4
Meanwhile, Jeong-shim feels that something bad is going to happen to her son. Geum-soon and Jeong-wan don’t know how to handle the situation. On the way to Geum-soon’s house, Jeong-wan proposes marriage to her. Geum-soon isn’t happy because the marriage proposal she’s been dreaming of isn’t supposed to happen on a bus.

Eps. 5
Geum-soon’s grandmother wants Geum-soon and Jeong-wan to get married before people notice Geum-soon’s pregnancy. She insists on meeting Jeong-wan’s parents to talk about their marriage. Jeong-shim has a hunch that her son Jeong-wan is hiding something from her and asks him what is going on. However, Jeong-wan doesn’t have the courage to tell her about Geum-soon.

Eps. 6
Geum-soon’s grandmother finally meets Jeong-wan’s parents. Jeong-wan’s father is shocked to find out that his quiet and obedient youngest son causes such a stir in the family. Geum-soon gets disappointed with Jeong-wan who didn’t stand up for her in front of his parents. Geum-soon’s aunt and Geum-ah visit grandma’s house to find out what happened at Jeong-wan’s house.

Eps. 7
Extremely upset and shocked, Jeong-shim falls ill. Her husband and she stay up all night, worrying about what to do with their son. Meanwhile, Geum-soon is worried since she hasn’t heard from Jeong-wan since when she and her grandmother met his parents. Jeong-wan finally tells his parents that he’ll marry Geum-soon and raise their child together.

Eps. 8
Getting tired of waiting to hear from Jeong-wan, Geum-soon goes to Jeong-wan’s house. She runs into Jeong-wan’s mother in front of the house, but Jeong-shim completely ignores Geum-soon. However, Geum-soon sits with his parents and speaks frankly about what she has on her mind.

Eps. 9
Geum-soon’s grandmother and Jeong-wan’s parents meet to talk about the marriage. Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh are surprised to hear that Geum-soon’s grandma wants to set the wedding date as soon as possible. Finally, they agree that the wedding will be held before Jeong-wan’s school vacation starts. Also, Jeong-shim wants Geum-soon to live with her while Jeong-wan serves in the army. Geum-soon’s grandmother isn’t happy with Jeong-shim’s heartless attitude, but she keeps quiet for Geum-soon.

Eps. 10
Jeong-wan goes back to school leaving Geum-soon with his parents. Geum-soon is sad because she couldn’t see him off.
One day, early in the morning, Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh wake up to a loud alarm clock sound. Geum-soon sets an alarm clock for the crack of dawn, which only wakes up the other people, and not her.
Jeong-shim sends Geum-soon on an errand, but Geum-soon gets lost and calls Jeong-wan.

Eps. 11
Jeong-wan goes to his parents’ house to meet Geum-soon. On the way, Jeong-wan’s car is hit by a truck. Meanwhile, Geum-soon is still trying to find her way home, all the while not knowing that her husband had a car accident.
Jeong-wan’s father hears about the accident and rushes to the hospital.

Eps. 12
Geum-soon still has a hard time believing that Jeong-wan is dead. Exhausted from sadness, she falls asleep. When Geum-soon is preparing breakfast for the family as usual, her mother-in-law asks Geum-soon to leave the house. Her father-in-law suggests that Geum-soon stay away from the family for a while.

Eps. 13
Tae-wan leaves the house to join the army. Feeling bad about Geum-soon who is still absent-minded with sadness, he asks her to go out to eat with him.
Later, Geum-soon loses her purse and doesn’t have money to buy herself food. However, she doesn’t call her grandmother because she doesn’t want to worry her. Geum-soon’s father-in-law realizes that Geum-soon didn’t go back to her grandmother’s house and starts to worry about her whereabouts.

Eps. 14
Geum-soon goes back to her in-laws’ house. She tells them that she won’t give up the baby and she will stay with them for a while. Her father-in-law feels terrible about her situation. However, Jeong-shim can’t stand living with Geum-soon in the same house because she reminds her of Jeong-wan too much. She completely ignores Geum-soon, but Geum-soon doesn’t get discouraged.

Eps. 15
A promising young surgeon Jae-hee starts his day. He’s very strict, so all of the interns and residents at the hospital are afraid of him.
Geum-soon still has a hard time waking up early in the morning. No matter what Geum-soon does, Jeong-shim isn’t happy with her.
Meanwhile, Tae-wan finishes his military duty, but he stays out late drinking without coming back home.

Eps. 16
Tae-wan comes home completely drunk. By mistake, he goes into the room where Geum-soon and her son Hui-seong are sleeping. Mistaking Tae-wan as a thief, Geum-soon kicks him and screams at the top of her lungs.
Geum-soon starts a delivery job early in the morning, but she doesn’t dare tell Jeong-shim about it.

Eps. 17
Geum-soon goes to Jae-hee’s hospital to promote the vegetable drink she’s delivering. She runs into Jae-hee while she’s helping an old lady. Jae-hee gets mad at Geum-soon saying that no solicitors are allowed in the hospital.
Eun-ju, working at Jae-hee’s mother’s beauty shop, confesses her feelings to Jae-hee.

Eps. 18
Without knowing that Geum-soon is working, Jeong-shim gets angry at Geum-soon for staying out all day. Geum-soon finally tells everyone that she has started a delivery job. She adds that she wants her son to be proud of his working mother. The next day, Geum-soon goes out to work with her son on her back.

Eps. 19
Young-ok notices that something’s not right with her health. Dr. Jang tells her not to work too hard reminding her that she had a kidney transplant. However, she doesn’t listen to his advice. Jeong-shim is angry when Geum-soon still goes to work even though she told her not to.
Eun-ju suggests to Jae-hee that they go out ten times before he decides whether he will keep seeing her or not.

Eps. 20
Geum-soon’s father-in-law tells her to stop working. However, she tells him that she doesn’t want to become a poor and incompetent mother to her son. She also tells him that she will do whatever it takes to become a hairdresser.
Geum-soon’s son gets sick. Geum-soon gets upset about her situation and bursts into tears.

Eps. 21
Geum-soon delivers the drink to the hospital. She feels humiliated when Jae-hee asks her to stop coming to his hospital. Later in the hospital parking lot, Geum-soon, on her scooter, and Jae-hee, in his car, collide. Jae-hee believes that she ran into his car on purpose to get even with him for throwing her out of his hospital. So, he calls the police. Geum-soon tries to explain that it was an accident and begs him to have mercy on her, but Jae-hee just walks away.

Eps. 22
Geum-soon is taken to the police station and ends up spending the night in the detention cell. Feeling scared and miserable about her situation, she can’t stop crying. Meanwhile, her parents-in-law are worried at home since she doesn’t come back. Later, Jae-hee remembers that Geum-soon is still in the police station and tries to call the police.

Eps. 23
Geum-soon’s father-in-law gets angry at Geun-soon for not calling him while she was in the police station. Geum-soon feels thankful that her father-in-law really cares about her and treats her as his own daughter. Feeling sorry about Geum-soon, her mother-in-law gets Geum-soon a cell phone.

Eps. 24
Geum-soon’s mother-in-law, Jeong-shim decides to let Geum-soon try to get a job in the beauty shop and to take care of Geum-soon’s son while she’s working. Geum-soon thanks her, but Jeong-shim pretends that she’s still not happy with Geum-soon. However, seeing Geum-soon excited, Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh feel happy for Geum-soon. Geum-soon’s aunt and Geum-ah happen to see Tae-wan walking down the street with Geum-soon’s son in his arms. Geum-ah has a crush on Tae-wan.

Eps. 25
Geum-soon can’t understand the reason that she didn’t get the job. She goes to Mi-ja, the beauty shop owner and asks to give her a chance. Mi-ja tells her that she didn’t hire her because she’s a little too old. Feeling bad about what he’s done to Geum-soon, Jae-hee suggests to Mi-ja that she give her a chance. Dr. Jang finds out that his wife Young-ok needs another kidney transplant. Meanwhile, Jeong-shim slips in the bathroom and sprains her ankle.

Eps. 26
Geum-soon is worried because Jeong-shim who hurt her leg can’t babysit Hui-seong any more while she’s working. She asks her grandmother who lives with her aunt, but her aunt doesn’t allow her child in her house.
Geum-soon’s father-in-law lets Geum-soon buy some expensive meat for Jeong-shim. Geum-soon takes some of the meat to her aunt’s house without telling Jeong-shim.
Dr. Jang is at a loss when he hears that Young-ok’s kidneys can’t function anymore. Young-ok insists upon going home and Eun-ju is mad at her stubbornness.

Eps. 27
Jeong-shim realizes that she’s getting less meat than usual and asks Geum-soon where she bought it. However, Geum-soon tells her that the price of meat just went up. Tae-wan asks his parents to pay for his acting classes. Geum-soon advises him to make money by himself if he really wants to take classes.
Feeling her health is deteriorating, Young-ok tells Dr. Jang that she terribly misses her daughter that she abandoned a long time ago. Dr. Jang tells her that it’s not too late to look for her daughter.

Eps. 28
It’s the first day for Geum-soon to start working at Mi-ja’s hair salon. She greets everyone when she comes in. However, the other employees who thought that Geum-soon didn’t get the job are confused to see her coming to work. Eun-ju introduces Geum-soon to everyone.
Young-ok’s doctor asks Dr. Jang if she has any relatives who can donate a kidney. Hesitating, Dr. Jang picks up the phone and calls somebody.

Eps. 29
Geum-soon’s colleague makes her clean the windows. She’s happy to work and doesn’t complain. Mi-ja is impressed with Geum-soon’s attitude and makes other people join her in cleaning the windows. They blame Geum-soon.
Geum-soon runs into Jae-hee in front of the hair shop. Noticing a cast on his finger, Geum-soon is genuinely worried about him. When seeing them walking together, Eun-ju has a hunch that something’s going to happen between them and she feels jealous.

Eps. 30
Tae-wan’s parents find out that Tae-wan stole his brother Shi-wan’s credit card to pay for the acting classes. Jeong-shim and her husband have a hard time believing that Tae-wan did such a thing. When confronted, Tae-wan doesn’t apologize and only complains about the way his family treats him. His father kicks him out of the house.
Annoyed by Tae-wan’s behavior, Jeong-shim gets angry at Geum-soon for coming home late. Shi-wan tells Geum-soon what happened at home while she was out. Tae-wan who was still wandering in front of the house happens to hear them speaking ill of him.

Eps. 31
Geum-soon tells her colleague Hye-mi that she wants to be a hairdresser as soon as possible. She volunteers to do anything Hye-mi tells her to do. A mean customer comes into the shop and Hye-mi lets Geum-soon wash her hair. The woman isn’t happy about the fact that a new employee is taking care of her. When Geum-soon splashes some hot water by mistake, she hits the ceiling and Mi-ja has to apologize.
Mr. Noh finds out that Tae-wan has snuck into the house and consequently beats him up. However, Tae-wan feels bad about the fact that his father isn’t as strong as he used to be. Later, Mr. Noh decides to have a serious face-to-face talk with Tae-wan.

Eps. 32
Tired of Hye-mi’s being a bully, Geum-soon confronts her and asks why she is giving her such a hard time. Geum-soon tells Hye-mi that she won’t treat her as a senior colleague if she doesn’t stop bothering her. Hye-mi pushes Geum-soon, who slips and hits her head against the sink. At that moment, Jae-hee just walks in and witnesses it.
Shi-wan is shocked to hear that Seong-ran has been married and has a child from her previous marriage. Seong-ran returns the ring to Shi-wan. However, he can’t easily give her up. He asks her to give him some time to think.

Eps. 33
Geum-soon hurt her back and knee from the fight with Hye-mi. She runs into Jae-hee and Eun-ju in front of the shop. Since Jae-hee has been curious about how Geum-soon is doing, he seems happy to see her. Despite Eun-ju’s presence next to him, he can’t help but looking at Geum-soon.
Geum-soon can’t stand Hye-mi who enjoys being a bully. Geum-soon takes her to the restroom and asks her to stop. However, Hye-mi ignores her. Furious, Geum-soon ends up pouring water on Hye-mi.

Eps. 34
Dr. Jang goes to Geum-soon’s house to make sure that Geum-soon is the person he’s looking for. He’s excited to find someone who is a possible donor for Young-ok. However, he doesn’t tell Young-ok that he found her daughter. He just asks if she’s seriously thinking about looking for her daughter. Young-ok tells him that she’s too ashamed and she will never forgive herself for abandoning her own child. Jeong-shim hears from Tae-wan that her son Shi-wan is seeing Seong-ran.
Interested in Seong-ran’s career and family background, she thinks that Seong-ran can make a good daughter-in-law. She asks Shi-wan about Seong-ran, but he tells her that he’s not seeing her anymore.

Eps. 35
Geum-soon finally gets to learn some basic skills such as shampooing. The manager realizes that Geum-soon’s hairdo is too old-fashioned and gives her a haircut. At first Geum-soon feels uncomfortable about her new hairstyle, but she soon feels good about herself. However, Jeong-shim isn’t happy about the change. After having an argument with her daughter-in-law, Geum-soon’s grandmother leaves the house with Hui-seong. While she’s busy selling vegetables, Hui-seong mistakes a woman for his mother and follows her. Her grandmother soon realizes that Hui-seong is missing…

Eps. 36
Geum-soon looks for Hui-seong everywhere. Her grandmother blames herself for not keeping her eye on the child. She feels terribly sorry for Geum-soon and her in-laws. Everyone in the family is out looking for him, but they can’t find him anywhere. Dr. Jang sees a child crying on the street. He remembers seeing Hui-seong when he went to Geum-soon’s house. Geum-soon gets a call from the police station and rushes there.

Eps. 37
The beauty shop manager is angry because Geum-soon leaves the work without saying anything and comes back at the closing time. She asks where she has been all day. Geum-soon tells her that she’s been married and she’s a mother of a child. The manager tells her to keep it between them for a while.
Eun-ju is happy to receive a gift from Jae-hee. They go shopping together and Eun-ju can’t help but fall in love with Jae-hee.

Eps. 38
Believing that Hui-seong got lost because of Geum-soon, Jeong-shim tells her to stop working at the beauty shop. Since Geum-soon is coming back from seeing her grandmother sick in bed, she feels terrible about her situation. She asks Jeong-shim if she has ever truly considered her as her daughter-in-law.
Geum-soon decides to meet the man who helped find Hui-seong and calls Dr. Jang. He answers the phone while he’s talking to Young-ok, but he doesn’t say a word to his wife. Geum-soon goes to Dr. Jang’s hospital to see him and runs into Jae-hee there…

Eps. 39
Dr. Jang gives Geum-soon a gift certificate for a free medical checkup that her grandmother can use. She doesn’t feel comfortable about his favor. Geum-soon gives the gift certificate to her grandmother. But her aunt thinks that a man is doing Geum-soon a favor because he has other intentions.
Jae-hee sees Geum-soon in front of the hospital and offers her a ride to the subway station. He asks what she’s doing, and she just says that she came to see someone she knows. Jae-hee seems to get to know Geum-soon better and spend more time with her.

Eps. 40
Young-ok decides to tell the truth to her daughter Eun-jin that her sister Eun-ju isn’t her daughter. Eun-jin understands why Eun-ju has been so cold to her mother. Dr. Jang comes home and notices that something isn’t right there.
Geum-soon needs a hair model to take a test. She asks Tae-wan and he agrees to receive some money when she gets paid and goes to the shop with her. First, there is a shampooing test. When Geum-soon washes his hair, Tae-wan feels awkward. Without knowing that Tae-wan is Geum-soon’s brother-in-law, Jae-hee feels jealous when he sees them together.

Episode 41
Geum-soon brings her grandmother to Dr. Jang’s hospital for a physical checkup. Dr. Jang insists that he will give her the checkup for free. Geum-soon thinks that he’s just being generous, but what he’s trying to do is to find out if her blood type matches with his wife’s. After he learns that she’s a possible donor for Young-ok, he’s even nicer to Geum-soon than before. Meanwhile, Eun-jin tells Eun-ju that she won’t forgive her if Eun-ju mistreats Young-ok because she’s not her biological mother. Eun-ju gets frustrated and lonely about the fact that everyone in the family is on Young-ok’s side. Young-ok feels bad about Eun-ju.

Episode 42
Geum-soon is nervous that Mi-ja will judge her shampooing ability. Mi-ja doesn’t seem happy about what Geum-soon does, which makes Hye-mi happy. However, she passes the test. She prepares a meal to celebrate and waits for her family to come home. Meanwhile, Shi-wan who has worried about his relationship with Seong-ran falls ill and is sent to the hospital. Feeling upset about their son getting sick over a woman, Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim get angry at Geum-soon for planning a party. Feeling embarrassed, Geum-soon brings the food she prepared to her grandmother.

Episode 43
Feeling bad about his brother for worrying himself sick, Tae-wan goes to meet Seong-ran. He runs into Geum-soon on the way and she joins him to go to Seong-ran’s office. Unlike Shi-wan, Seong-ran is doing well, which makes Tae-wan and Geum-soon angrier. Seong-ran is shocked to hear that Shi-wan is in the hospital. Dr. Jang feels bad about having a terrible argument with his daughter Eun-ju. Mi-ja finds out that Young-ok isn’t Eun-ju’s mother. She feels deceived and complains to Jae-hee.

Episode 44
Geum-soon’s aunt is happy about getting a job in the hospital cafeteria with the help of Dr. Jang. Geum-soon sees creditors going to her aunt’s house and has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. When she arrives at her aunt’s house, the creditors threaten her family and demand that they pay the money back within a week. In order to help her aunt, Geum-soon asks Eun-ju if she can get her paycheck in advance, but Eun-ju says it’s out of the question. Geum-soon decides to go to Mi-ja’s house and ask her directly.

Episode 45
Geum-soon asks Mi-ja if she can get her paycheck in advance, but Mi-ja doesn’t allow it. However, feeling bad about Geum-soon’s situation, Mi-ja gives Geum-soon half of the money she asked for. Jae-hee asks Geum-soon about Tae-wan. He wants to know if Tae-wan is her boyfriend. Geum-soon doesn’t want to talk about her past by telling him that Tae-wan is her dead husband’s brother, so she doesn’t answer. However, Jae-hee tells her that he will lend her the money she needs if she tells him who Tae-wan is. Seong-ran asks Shi-wan if they can meet each other without pressure of getting married.
Eun-ju is avoiding her family and Young-ok feels bad about her stepdaughter.

Episode 46
Geum-soon decides to put aside her pride and borrow money from Jae-hee. Geum-soon tells Jae-hee that Tae-wan is her cousin. Happy to hear that Geum-soon doesn’t have a boyfriend; Jae-hee lends her the money. Geum-soon feels humiliated for lying for the money, but she knows that she doesn’t have any other choice. Relieved about the fact that she got the money, she falls asleep. While she’s sleeping, her son Hui-seong makes a mess around the house. Meanwhile, Shi-wan asks Seong-ran to tell him everything about her.

Episode 47
Eun-ju feels excluded in the family. Young-ok feels bad that Dr. Jang and Eun-ju don’t get along. Geum-soon falls sick, but Jeong-shim takes good care of her. Jae-hee calls Geum-soon while she enjoys dinner with her family. Feeling uncomfortable for Jae-hee’s attempt at intimacy, Geum-soon decides to pay him back the money. She borrows the money from Shi-wan and goes to Jae-hee. Jae-hee is thrilled to see Geum-soon, but is soon disappointed to find out that she has come to pay him the money back.

Episode 48
Geum-soon comes to Dr. Jang’s office to find out the results of her grandmother’s checkup. She’s happy to hear that her grandmother doesn’t have any health problems. Just then, Young-ok walks into Dr. Jang’s office. Young-ok meets Geum-soon, but she doesn’t recognize Geum-soon. Even though Dr. Jang knows that Young-ok misses her daughter terribly, he doesn’t say anything.
When Jeong-shim has her ankle cast removed, Geum-soon buys a pair of tennis shoes for her. Jeong-shim doesn’t like the shoes at all, but she pretends to like them to be nice to Geum-soon.
Eun-ju asks Jae-hee to marry her. However Jae-hee tells her that he never thought about marrying her. Humiliated, Eun-ju tells him that it’s not too late to think seriously about it.

Eps. 49
Shi-wan tells his family that he wants to marry Seong-ran. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim are thrilled about the news. However, Shi-wan doesn’t dare tell them that she’s been married before.
When Young-ok finds out that Eun-ju is depressed because of Jae-hee, she tells her that she will help Eun-ju get married with him. Confessing her feelings toward Jae-hee, Eun-ju apologizes to Young-ok for having said hurtful things to her.
Jae-hee is happy to see Geum-soon at the beauty salon. He suggests taking her home.

Eps. 50
When Tae-wan sees Geum-soon getting out of Jae-hee’s car, he feels jealous. Tae-wan finds out that Geum-soon has told Jae-hee that he’s her cousin. Meanwhile,
Jeong-shim is excited to meet her future daughter-in-law Seong-ran. Shi-wan doesn’t feel comfortable since he didn’t ask Seong-ran before he set up the meeting with his parents.
Jae-hee tells Eun-ju that he doesn’t want to get married anytime soon, however Eun-ju tells him that she will wait until he changes his mind.
Geum-ah tells her mother that she will get a job instead of studying to become a teacher. Her mother gets furious.

Eps. 51
Shi-wan is happy when Seong-ran comes to meet his parents. Jeong-shim asks Seong-ran questions to get to know her better. Seong-ran is very polite and respectful, which pleases Jeong-shim.
When Geum-soon takes her grandmother to the hospital, Young-ok and Geum-soon’s grandmother recognize each other.
Later that evening, she goes to the beauty salon to practice her skills. Jae-hee heads to the salon as well, hoping to run into Geum-soon. He sees Geum-soon looking into the digital cameras on display with great interest.

Eps. 52
Shi-wan decides to tell his family about Seong-ran’s past. However, he can’t bring it up since his parents keep speaking highly of her.
After running into Geum-soon’s grandmother, Young-ok can’t sleep thinking about her daughter. Geum-soon’s grandmother is also in shock to see her daughter-in-law who abandoned her granddaughter many years ago.
Mi-ja delivers a gift to Jae-hee from Eun-ju. Jae-hee feels uncomfortable about Eun-ju’s interest in him. He decides to have a talk with Eun-ju and calls her up.

Eps. 53
Eun-ju is shocked when Jae-hee tells her that he has someone else in mind. Eun-ju thinks that Jae-hee is lying to make her give up. However, Jae-hee tells her that he’s in love with someone else.
At the beauty salon, Hye-mi finds out that Geum-soon is the mother of a child and makes fun of her.
After seeing Geum-soon’s grandmother, Young-ok seems absent-minded. Dr. Jang asks if something’s wrong, but she doesn’t say anything to him.
Jae-hee is excited to get a digital camera for Geum-soon.

Eps. 54
Jeong-shim is grumpy because she isn’t happy with the perm Geum-soon gave her. Shi-wan is worried about how he will bring up Seong-ran’s story to his family.
Young-ok tells Dr. Jang that she regrets terribly leaving her baby daughter. He suggests looking for her daughter, but Young-ok thinks it’s not right to look for her daughter now when she’s sick.
Jeong-shim invites Seong-ran to her house and fixes a nice meal for her.

Eps. 55
Looking at Jeong-shim being so nice to Seong-ran, Geum-soon becomes sad. Geum-soon feels bad for not being the daughter-in-law Jeong-shim has always wanted. Tae-wan feels bad for Geum-soon. Hye-mi teases Geum-soon every time she can. Geum-soon is annoyed by her behavior, but she just puts up with it.
Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s aunt working in the hospital cafeteria sees Dr. Jang and Young-ok together. She recognizes Young-ok.

Eps. 56
Geum-soon’s aunt sees Dr. Jang helping Young-ok by holding her in his arms. She finds out that they’re husband and wife and almost passes out from shock. She tries to figure out why Dr. Jang is doing a favor to Geum-soon. Suddenly, an idea comes into her mind.
Meanwhile, not knowing what to tell his family about Seong-ran’s past, Shi-wan decides to keep his mouth shut. Eun-ju asks Jae-hee about the woman he has in mind. Jae-hee can’t tell Eun-ju that he’s in love with Geum-soon. However, Jae-hee can’t help but smile just thinking of Geum-soon.

Eps. 57
Jae-hee goes to the beauty shop hoping that Geum-soon is alone. He’s thrilled to see her. Jae-hee asks her to eat out with him, but Geum-soon tells him that she has some cleaning to do. In order to take her out to eat, Jae-hee decides to help her clean.
Since she saw Dr. Jang and Young-ok at the hospital, Geum-soon’s aunt has too many thoughts racing through her mind. She’s secretly worried if she should tell her mother-in-law about Young-ok, but she doesn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Shi-wan has to lie to Seong-ran. He tells her that he already told his father about her past and his father still approved their marriage. He adds that his father wants it to be kept secret from the other members of the family.

Eps. 58
Heartbroken over Jae-hee, Eun-ju drowns her grief in alcohol. Completely drunk, she goes to Jae-hee’s house. She complains to Mi-ja about Jae-hee’s being insensitive toward her feelings. Meanwhile, Geum-ah tells her mother that she’ll work part-time until she gets a permanent job. Her mother is at a loss since Geum-ah isn’t interested in becoming a teacher.

Eps. 59
Jae-hee takes Eun-ju home. Mi-ja blames her son Jae-hee by accusing him of two-timing. Since he can’t tell her that he loves Geum-soon, he feels bad about the whole situation. When Hye-mi sends Geum-soon for an errand, Geum-soon gets a call from Jeong-shim who tells her that Hui-seong is sick with a fever.

Eps. 60
Jae-hee waits for Geum-soon in front of her house. Feeling uncomfortable about Jae-hee’s sudden visit, Geum-soon asks him if he’s interested in her by any chance.
Geum-soon’s aunt isn’t sure if it’s okay to keep working at the hospital cafeteria where Dr. Jang got her a job.
Seong-ran and her parents come to meet Shi-wan’s parents. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim are happy to see the elegant and sophisticated parents of Seong-ran. However, Geum-soon feels excluded and lonely when she sees the parents having a friendly talk.

Eps. 61
Feeling uncomfortable about Jae-hee’s sudden visit, Geum-soon asks him if he’s interested in her by any chance.
Geum-soon’s aunt isn’t sure if it’s okay to keep working at the hospital cafeteria where Dr. Jang got her a job.
Seong-ran and her parents come to meet Shi-wan’s parents. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim are happy to see the elegant and sophisticated parents of Seong-ran. However, Geum-soon feels excluded and lonely when she sees the parents having a friendly talk.

Eps. 62
Shi-wan feels guilty about not telling his parents the truth to marry Seong-ran. The day before the wedding, Shi-wan bows to his parents. Without knowing that their son is hiding something from them, Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim are just happy about his marriage. Shi-wan tells Geum-soon not to feel distant even after he gets married. Geum-soon is thankful for his kindness.
Watching Shi-wan’s wedding, Geum-soon thinks about her own wedding 3 years ago. Geum-soon’s grandmother feels terrible for her widow granddaughter since the newly married couple will live in the same house where Geum-soon lives.

Eps. 63
Jae-hee is thrilled to find out that Geum-soon tried to call him. Since it was the first time Geum-soon ever tried to call Jae-hee first, Jae-hee hurries to call her back. Hye-mi takes advantage of every chance she gets to make fun of Geum-soon.
Hui-seong hurts himself while playing alone in the kitchen. Jeong-shim takes him to the hospital. Geum-soon hears the news and rushes to the hospital. She gets angry at Jeong-shim blaming her for not keeping an eye on the child. Meanwhile, Shi-wan and Seong-ran have a great time on their honeymoon.

Eps. 64
Realizing that she was too hard on Jeong-shim, Geum-soon apologizes. However, feeling hurt by Geum-soon, Jeong-shim just gives her the cold shoulder. Worrying about Geum-soon who has to live in the same house with Shi-wan and Seong-ran, her grandmother suggests to Geum-soon’s aunt that she let Geum-soon live with them for a while. However, Geum-soon’s aunt doesn’t listen to her. Feeling sorry for getting angry with her husband in the morning, Jeong-shim goes to his work.

Eps. 65
Eun-ji pretends that she already gave up on Jae-hee. She asks about the woman Jae-hee has in his mind. Eun-ju is more upset and jealous because Jae-hee seems happy just by thinking about her. Jae-hee and Eun-ju come to the beauty shop. While practicing her perm-giving skills, Geum-soon doesn’t hear Eun-ju talking to her. Eun-ju thinks that Geum-soon is ignoring her and gets angry with her. Jae-hee isn’t happy to see Eun-ju being harsh on Geum-soon.
Jeong-shim finds out that her husband retired a month ago. She can’t believe that she didn’t know about that. Confused, Jeong-shim gets angry with Tae-wan instead. Tae-wan can’t understand why his mother is so annoyed.

Eps. 66
Mr. Noh stops Jeong-shim when she gets angry at Geum-soon for nothing. Jeong-shim confronts him on the issue of his hiding the fact that he already retired. Busy working around the house, Geum-soon is late for work. Mi-ja blames Geum-soon for causing too much trouble even though she just started working. Young-ok and her family run into Mi-ja and Jae-hee in the restaurant and join them.

Eps. 67
Jeong-shim can’t forgive her husband for lying to her for a month. She’s very cold to him. Jeong-shim tells her family not to mention anything to Shi-wan and Seong-ran. Shi-wan and Seong-ran come back from their honeymoon. Seong-ran tells Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh that she’ll pay for the living expenses of the family.
Waiting for a call from Geum-soon, Jae-hee keeps checking his cell phone. Meanwhile, Young-ok wants to know where Geum-soon’s grandmother lives. She goes to Jae-hee for help.

Eps. 68
Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim have a huge argument. Jeong-shim accuses him of not having done anything decent for the family and she tells him that she won’t put up with his lies anymore. Mr. Noh storms out of the house. Tae-wan blames his mother for saying terrible things to his father. Geum-soon tries to make her feel better, but it’s no use.
Feeling grateful for Dr. Jang, Geum-soon’s grandmother sends Geum-soon to thank him. Jae-hee runs into Geum-soon at the hospital.

Eps. 69
Young-ok goes to Geum-soon’s grandmother’s house. She hides herself when she sees the grandmother and Hui-seong. Young-ok walks around the house hoping to see Geum-soon. To make up with her husband, Jeong-shim goes to find him in the public library. Looking at her husband reading books among the little children, Jeong-shim feels terribly sorry for her husband.
Geum-soon is surprised to see her grandmother and Hui-seong in front of the shop. Geum-soon is worried that someone at work might see them and find out that she has a son.

Eps. 70
Geum-soon ends up leaving the shop again to look for Hui-seong without telling anyone. Eun-ju fires Geum-soon for having lied about being married and leaving work without telling anyone. Geum-soon doesn’t know what to do.
When Mr. Noh comes home late, Jeong-shim washes his feet and thanks him for supporting the family for 30 years. Meanwhile, Eun-ju tells Mi-ja that she fired Geum-soon. She also tells her that Geum-soon is the mother of a child. Jae-hee comes home and happens to hear their conversation.

Eps. 71
Jae-hee sees Geum-soon with a child on her back. He’s surprised to find out that Tae-wan is Geum-soon’s brother-in-law. He has a hard time believing the fact that Geum-soon is the mother of a child. Since he has feelings for Geum-soon, the shock is even more intense. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s grandmother has a bad dream about her son, who is away from home to avoid his creditors. Unlike her, Geum-soon’s aunt ignores her concerns saying, “No news is good news.” Seong-ran tells her mother-in-law Jeong-shim that she doesn’t want to do house chores after working at the office all day. Shi-wan feels uncomfortable between his wife and his family. Geum-soon is fired from her job at the beauty shop, but she decides to clean the windows in the shop since she has been paid in advance.

Eps. 72
Young-ok wanders in front of Geum-soon’s aunt’s house to hear about Geum-soon. Geum-soon’s aunt sees her. She can’t believe that Young-ok asks her if Geum-soon is doing well after so many years. Geum-soon’s aunt refuses to talk to her. Meanwhile, at the beauty shop, some customers complement Geum-soon’s kindness and ask where Geum-soon is. Mi-ja seems to make up her mind on something. To meet Jae-hee for a dinner appointment, Geum-soon comes to the hospital where Jae-hee is working. Jae-hee treats her very coldly. Geum-soon doesn’t understand why he changed his attitude overnight.

Eps. 73
Jae-hee confronts Geum-soon as to why she lied to him that she hasn’t been married and why she told him that Tae-wan is her cousin. He angrily asks Geum-soon if she really didn’t have any idea about his feelings toward her. He gets in the car and goes away, but Geum-soon can’t do anything but watch him leave.
Meanwhile, Young-ok falls into a coma and is sent to the intensive care room. Dr. Jang stays up all night at the bedside and even Eun-ju is worried about Young-ok. Geum-soon goes to the beauty shop to thank Eun-ju for having been nice to her while she was working there. She runs into Mi-ja instead.

Eps. 74
Since some help is needed at the shop, Mi-ja asks Geum-soon to come back to work. Hye-mi is surprised to see Geum-soon again at the shop. Impressed with Geum-soon’s dedication to her job, Mi-ja volunteers to give her a perm test. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s grandmother has a hunch that something bad is going to happen to her son. Geum-soon’s aunt pretends to be calm, but in fact she’s worried as well. Seong-ran buys a dishwasher and has it delivered to the house. Jeong-shim can’t believe that Seong-ran decided to buy a dishwasher without telling her.

Eps. 75
Jae-hee can’t sleep thinking about Geum-soon. Mi-ja notices that her son is very depressed and seems to worry about something. Geum-soon goes to the beauty shop early in the morning to practice her perm skills. Young-ok is still unconscious and Dr. Jang calls Geum-soon.

Eps. 76
Geum-soon hears that the creditors found her uncle who has been avoiding them. Geum-soon’s grandmother remembers her bad dream and Geum-soon’s aunt gets even grumpier. Young-ok’s condition gets worse and worse. Eun-ju is sad to see Young-ok hanging between life and death. She stays by Young-ok and prays for her recovery.

Eps. 77
Geum-soon’s uncle is charged with fraud. His wife and mother find out that his debt approaches one hundred million won. His family can’t afford to pay back his debt, so he’s about to be sent to jail. Seong-ran asks her mother-in-law to hire a maid since she can’t be good at both her job and housework, too. Jeong-shim gets angry because Seong-ran doesn’t even try to help with the housework. Meanwhile, Dr. Jang decides to find out about Geum-soon’s financially strapped uncle.

Eps. 78
Dr. Jang hears that Geum-soon’s family needs money badly. Dr. Jang calls Geum-soon’s aunt. Telling her that Young-ok needs a kidney transplant, he suggests giving the money she needs on the condition that she helps him. Dr. Jang asks her just to tell Geum-soon that her mother is still alive. After getting paid for his part-time work, Tae-wan takes Geum-soon to the department store. Geum-soon thought that he was going to buy something for his mother, but he takes her to the children’s store to get something for her son. Eun-ju and Jae-hee happen to see them together.

Eps. 79
Geum-soon’s aunt doesn’t know what to do. She hesitates to tell Geum-soon about her mother. When she thinks of her husband going to jail, she needs Dr. Jang’s money. Being nervous, she gets mad at her mother-in-law and Geum-soon for no reason. Seong-ran comes home from work and sees that Jeong-shim is angry with her. She apologizes just to make her feel better. Heartbroken, Jae-hee has a drink with Eun-ju. He throws away the gift he bought for Geum-soon.

Eps. 80
Jae-hee tells Geum-soon terrible things and she becomes embarrassed. She doesn’t know what to say to Jae-hee, but she’s furious about his attitude. After giving a lot of thought to Dr. Jang’s suggestion, Geum-soon’s aunt goes to Dr. Jang. She tells him that she’s willing to give her kidney to Young-ok. After work, Geum-soon goes to the hospital and demands an apology from Jae-hee.

Eps. 81
Geum-soon’s grandmother feels terrible upon hearing that her son is sick. Geum-soon’s aunt is angry because Geum-soon’s grandmother only cares about Geum-soon. She seems to make up her mind and calls Dr. Jang. When Jae-hee regrets humiliating Geum-soon, Eun-ju calls him. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s family has a great time at a karaoke bar.

Eps. 82
Geum-soon’s aunt goes to Dr. Jang and tells him that she was wrong. At that moment, Dr. Jang hears that Young-ok is in critical condition and rushes to her. Stressed about what she has to do, she has stomach cramps and is sent to the hospital. Geum-soon hears about her aunt and hurries to the hospital. Jae-hee sees Geum-soon in the hospital and feels bad about what he’d done to her.

Eps. 83
Geum-soon thinks that her aunt seems to have something she wants to tell. She tells her to say whatever she wants. Geum-soon’s aunt finally tells her about Dr. Jang and Young-ok. Geum-soon is completely shocked to find out that Young-ok is her mother. Meanwhile, Tae-wan who wants to become an actor fails his camera test because he’s too nervous. Disappointed, he runs into Geum-ah on the way home and they have a drink together.

Eps. 84
Geum-soon is walking up and down the street in front of Dr. Jang’s house. She secretly watches Young-ok and Dr. Jang. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s aunt is worried about Geum-soon. Young-ok comes to the shop to see Eun-ju. Geum-soon is shocked to find out that Eun-ju is Young-ok’s stepdaughter.

Eps. 85
Jeong-shim complains to her husband about Seong-ran who always says whatever she has on her mind. Mr. Noh tries to make Jeong-shim feel better by saying that young people these days are very different, but it doesn’t make her feel any better. Geum-soon’s aunt regrets having told Geum-soon about her mother. Jeong-shim gets worried when Geum-soon doesn’t come home until late. She asks Tae-wan to call Geum-soon’s grandmother’s house, but he’s reluctant to call because of Geum-ah.

Eps. 86
Tae-wan is afraid that Geum-soon, who has such a big heart, will volunteer to donate her kidney. He asks her not to even consider it. Confused, Geum-soon runs into Eun-ju on her way out of the beauty shop. Since Eun-ju reminds her of Young-ok, it’s hard for Geum-soon to look at her face. Geum-soon’s aunt returns the money to Dr. Jang and apologizes to Geum-soon saying that she made a mistake when Dr. Jang offered the money she badly needed. She also asks Geum-soon to forget what she told her about Geum-soon’s mother. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s grandmother is worried sick when Geum-soon doesn’t answer the phone.

Eps. 87
Jae-hee happens to hear Tae-wan and Dr. Jang and finds out about the relationship between Geum-soon and Young-ok. Jae-hee remembers that Geum-soon has asked him for Dr. Jang’s address and he was very rude to her. He feels bad about what he’s done and rushes over of the hospital to look for Geum-soon. Geum-soon can’t focus on her work. She feels terribly depressed. Geum-soon decides to ask her grandmother about everything. Jae-hee impatiently waits for Geum-soon. He’s thrilled when he sees her coming from the distance. However, unlike Jae-hee,
Geum-soon isn’t interested in whatever he says.

Eps. 88
Worried about Geum-soon, Jae-hee goes to meet her before going to work. Jae-hee is relieved to see her cleaning and talking to her coworkers as usual. Meanwhile, Eun-ju is in a hurry to leave the beauty shop when she hears that Young-ok has become unconscious again. Geum-soon is surprised, but she can’t do anything about it.
Tae-wan tells his family about Geum-soon’s secret that he’s kept to himself. Mr. Noh and Shi-wan are shocked and they’re speechless. After giving it a lot of thought, Geum-soon goes to see Young-ok at the hospital.

Eps. 89
Jae-hee sees Dr. Jang and Geum-soon going to his office and follows them. Dr. Jang tells Geum-soon that he knows that he’s done terrible things to her. However, he also tells her that he would do anything to save his wife’s life. Dr. Jang breaks down in front of her and begs her to help Young-ok. Watching him crying for help, Geum-soon feels confused and helpless.
Feeling sorry for Geum-soon, Jeong-shim takes good care of her. Meanwhile, Geum-ah is upset because Tae-wan has been avoiding her. She’s waiting for him to confront.

Eps. 90
Jae-hee goes to Dr. Jang and asks him to give up his plan about Geum-soon. Dr. Jang tells Jae-hee that it’s none of his business. Jae-hee tells him that even Young-ok doesn’t want Geum-soon’s help. He also tells him that Geum-soon is the woman he cares about.
Feeling depressed, Geum-soon can’t make a decision. Her grandmother has a hunch that something bad is going to happen. Geum-soon stays up all night and she finally makes up her mind. She goes to meet Dr. Jang. At the hospital, Jae-hee is happy to see Geum-soon, but she completely ignores him.

Eps. 91
Geum-soon tells Dr. Jang that she will get the surgery if he loans her the money she needs for her uncle. Geum-soon also tells him that she will pay back the money within 3 years. She asks him not to tell anything to Young-ok and to stay as strangers like before. Geum-soon agrees on the surgery as he has wanted, but Dr. Jang has mixed feelings about everything. Mr. Noh tries to persuade Jeong-shim to help Geum-soon’s family financially, but she ignores him. Shi-wan tells Seong-ran about Geum-soon’s situation. He apologizes for not telling her before he decided to give Geum-soon the money. Seong-ran suggests that they manage their money separately even thought they’re married.

Eps. 92
Geum-soon and Tae-wan have a drink together. Talking about her mother who she believed dead a long time ago, Geum-soon can’t help but cry. Tae-wan tries to make her feel better. Geum-soon comes home drunk. Jeong-shim feels for her. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s aunt doesn’t know what to do with the money Geum-soon gave to her.
Dr. Jang is very cold to Jae-hee. Jae-hee feels confused when Dr. Jang tries to keep his distance from him. Eun-ju bursts into tears because of Jae-hee who doesn’t accept her feelings. Young-ok is comforting her.

Eps. 93
Geum-soon’s aunt tells Geum-soon that she can’t take her money. However, Geum-soon tells her that it was a tough decision for her as well. She doesn’t take the money back saying that she wants to pay the money back within 3 years. Geum-soon’s aunt decides to use the money to bail her husband out of jail. Jae-hee sees Young-ok and Dr. Jang walking together. It reminds him of Geum-soon. He waits for her on the road to her house. Meanwhile, Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim prepare the money for Geum-soon’s uncle.

Eps. 94
Geum-soon’s aunt comes to Geum-soon and tells her that she couldn’t spend the money she has given to her. Telling her that it wasn’t an easy decision for her either, Geum-soon insists that her aunt take the money. Her aunt decides to use the money to bail her husband out. Watching Young-ok and Dr. Jang walking together, Jae-hee thinks of Geum-soon. He waits for her along the way to her house.
Meanwhile, Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim prepare the money for Geum-soon’s uncle and wait for her to come home.

Eps. 95
Geum-soon can’t help but cry when she finds out how much Jeong-shim and the family care about her. Geum-soon rushes to her aunt’s house with the money from the family. However, her aunt already spent the money from Dr. Jang. Geum-soon is at a loss. On her way out from the hospital, Geum-soon runs into Young-ok in a patient gown. Young-ok says hi and treats Geum-soon very kindly. Jae-hee is watching the two women talking from a distance.

Eps. 96
Geum-soon’s grandmother hears from her son that her daughter-in-law brought the bail money. Her grandmother is suspicious about Geum-soon’s aunt since she hasn’t said anything about the money. She rushes to the restaurant where she’s working.

Eps. 97
Dr. Jang asks Young-ok’s doctor to keep a secret about Geum-soon. He asks him to perform a kidney transplant on Young-ok. Geum-soon is surprised to realize that Jae-hee knows about Geum-soon’s situation. She asks how much he knows and he tells her the truth. Jae-hee asks her for forgiveness, but she ignores him and walks away.

Eps. 98
Jae-hee sends Geum-soon a text message asking for forgiveness, but Geum-soon ignores it. However, Jae-hee waits for her call all day long. Geum-soon’s grandmother feels bad about having lied to Geum-soon that her mother died. Geum-soon pretends that she doesn’t care; so as not to make her grandmother worried. However, looking at Geum-soon caring about other people, her grandmother feels all the more sorry. Meanwhile, Young-ok comes to the beauty shop to meet Eun-ju. She talks to Geum-soon and tries to get to know her better.

Eps. 99
Geum-soon is shocked to find out that Jae-hee knows about the money from Dr. Jang and the kidney transplant. She’s embarrassed about the fact that he knows all about something she had wanted to hide. However, Jae-hee tells her about his family secret. Young-ok’s doctor tells Dr. Jang that Young-ok’s condition is getting worse. He advises him to tell her the truth and to have her agree to the surgery.

Eps. 100
Realizing that her health is getting worse, Young-ok goes to meet Geum-soon’s aunt. Young-ok gives her a bankbook asking to use the money for Geum-soon. She tells her that she’s always been thinking of Geum-soon. Dr. Jang informs Geum-soon of the surgery schedule. She feels scared and nervous. Meanwhile, Eun-ju can’t believe that the woman Jae-hee has in his mind is Geum-soon.

Eps. 101
Jae-hee confesses to Geum-soon that he likes her. Geum-soon is confused and Jae-hee is embarrassed as well. They pretend as if nothing has changed between them. Geum-soon’s grandmother and Jeong-shim happen to meet each other at the market. Jeong-shim tells her that it’s out of the question that Geum-soon donates her kidney. Since her grandmother doesn’t know about the surgery, she’s completely shocked. Mi-ja hears that Young-ok has found a donor and will undergo surgery soon. She goes to the hospital and congratulates Dr. Jang. However, Dr. Jang feels uncomfortable since Jae-hee knows what is really going on.

Eps. 102
Geum-soon’s aunt finds out that her mother-in-law knows everything. She feels guilty. She tells Geum-soon that her grandmother knows all about it. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s grandmother is upset and feels betrayed since Geum-soon and her daughter-in-law haven’t told her anything. While talking to Geum-soon, she’s so upset that she collapses.

Eps. 103
Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh are furious because Geum-soon decided on the surgery without telling the family about it. Feeling bad about not having told the family the truth, Geum-soon heads home. Jae-hee is relieved that Geum-soon doesn’t avoid him even though he told her that he has feelings for her. Young-ok can’t help but think of Geum-soon. Finally, she asks Mi-ja to find out more about Geum-soon.

Eps. 104
Young-ok hears from Geum-soon’s grandmother all about what Dr. Jang did to Geum-soon. Young-ok can’t believe that her husband had Geum-soon donate her kidney in exchange for her uncle’s bail money. Geum-soon’s grandmother runs into Geum-soon at the hospital, but she’s still angry and hurt.

Eps. 105
Since he knows what is going on, Jae-hee is worried about Geum-soon. He goes to see her at work. However, he feels relieved and happy when he sees her doing well. To make her grandmother feel better, Geum-soon goes to meet her. She talks about her mother and the reason she left. Geum-soon asks for her forgiveness.

Eps. 106
Geum-soon hears that Young-ok is missing. She calls Jae-hee for help. Jae-hee rushes to Geum-soon. Jae-hee and Geum-soon have a good time together. They’re happy to be with each other. Jae-hee realizes that he is developing stronger feelings for Geum-soon. However, Geum-soon can’t be happy since she’s worried about Young-ok’s whereabouts.

Eps. 107
Geum-soon’s grandmother is sick in bed. Still angry at Geum-soon, she doesn’t want to see her. Geum-soon finds out that Young-ok hasn’t come back to the hospital yet. Geum-soon is worried sick. Meanwhile, Young-ok walks around Geum-soon’s house hoping to see Geum-soon. She sees Hui-seong playing with Mr. Noh and realizes that he’s her grandson. She can’t take her eyes off of Hui-seong.

Eps. 108
Geum-soon is worried to hear that Young-ok lost consciousness while getting a routine treatment. Geum-soon asks Jae-hee to do her a favor. Jae-hee can’t refuse Geum-soon’s request to let her see Young-ok. Meanwhile, Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim pressure Seong-ran and Shi-wan to have a baby. Unlike what her husband said to her, Seong-ran realizes that her parents-in-law don’t know about her getting divorced and her child from a previous marriage.

Eps. 109
Jae-hee feels sorry for Geum-soon who is completely heartbroken after seeing her mother. Sitting next to Geum-soon, Jae-hee talks about her father. Geum-soon smiles at him and Jae-hee feels excited. Geum-soon asks her grandmother to let her donate her kidney. She tells her that she really wants to save her mother’s life. Her grandmother can’t say anything, which makes Geum-soon even sadder.

Eps. 110
Geum-soon’s grandmother thinks about what Geum-soon said to her earlier. Geum-soon’s aunt tries to change her mind, telling that nothing can stop Geum-soon. Geum-soon tells Mr. Noh about her decision and goes to the hospital with him. Meanwhile, angry with her husband lying to her, Song-ran stays out all night. Shi-wan knows that it’s his fault, but he can’t tell the truth to his family about Seong-ran. He’s in hot water.

Eps. 111
After giving it a lot of thought, Geum-soon’s grandmother heads to the hospital where Young-ok is staying. Even though it wasn’t easy for her to come and see Young-ok, she starts talking to Young-ok in a very calm manner. She tells her to agree to the surgery since Geum-soon insists on helping her mother. Young-ok sheds tears of regrets and gratitude. Hoping to see Geum-soon, Jae-hee goes to the beauty shop after work. Geum-soon is embarrassed when Jae-hee shows up. However, Tae-wan calls and tells Geum-soon that he will come to pick her up. Geum-soon asks him not to since she’s meeting someone she knows.

Eps. 112
Jae-hee isn’t sure about what Geum-soon thinks of him. He asks her about her feelings. Geum-soon can’t give him the answer that he wants to hear and Jae-hee who is confused turns around and leaves. Watching Jae-hee going away, Geum-soon doesn’t dare to ask him not to go. She just sits there completely confused. Jeong-shim hears about Geum-soon’s decision about the surgery. She’s strongly against her decision. However, after hearing from her husband about what Geum-soon really has in mind, she can’t help but thinking her dead son Jeong-wan.

Eps. 113
Geum-soon catches Young-ok trying to leave after leaving a note. Geum-soon who has been very calm about the situation so far finally explodes. She screams at Young-ok and blames her for being selfish. Then, she storms out of the hospital room. After Geum-soon leaves, Young-ok is torn as she sheds tears. Geum-soon feels terribly sad, but she smiles at Jae-hee when she sees him. However, Jae-hee ignores her and looks the other way. Geum-soon can’t understand Jae-hee’s behavior. She leaves the house as if she made up her mind on something.

Eps. 114
Geum-soon asks Jae-hee to be supportive about her decision to undergo the surgery. There’s a strange atmosphere between the two. Jae-hee approaches her and Geum-soon stands still. She can’t take her eyes off of him. Jae-hee goes to Dr. Jang and tells him that he respects Geum-soon’s decision. He asks him to do his best on the surgery. Whenever Jae-hee thinks of Geum-soon who is going to have surgery soon, he feels bad for her. Trying to find a way to make her happy, Jae-hee prepares a special event for Geum-soon.

Eps. 115
Geum-soon waits for the surgery in the waiting room. Young-ok comes into the room lying on her bed. As soon as she sees Young-ok, Geum-soon’s eyes are full of tears. She holds Young-ok’s hands without saying a word.
Geum-soon rests at home after the surgery. Her family takes good care of her. Before getting back to work, she goes to the beauty shop to see everyone. On the way back, she calls Jae-hee. He comes running to meet Geum-soon. He’s very happy to see her.

Eps. 116
Jae-hee is so thrilled to see Geum-soon after so many days. He sings a love song that he’s been practicing for Geum-soon. Listening to his song, Geum-soon realizes that she loves Jae-hee more than she thought. She’s surprised at her feelings. Meanwhile, Geum-ah and Tae-wan happen to be on the TV news when they walk together completely drunk. The family notices Geum-ah and Tae-wan in the background of the news report. They’re so shocked to see them together.

Eps. 117
Geum-ah and Tae-wan happen to be on the TV news when they walk together completely drunk. The family notices Geum-ah and Tae-wan on the background of the news report. They’re so shocked to see them together.
Geum-soon and Jae-hee exchange phone messages like any other young lovers. When Jeong-shim opens the door, Geum-soon tries to hide what she’s been doing. Meanwhile, Geum-soon’s grandmother and aunt are shocked to find out that Geum-ah is dating Tae-wan who is their in-law.

Eps. 118
Young-ok watches Geum-soon working in the beauty shop from outside. When Eun-ju comes out, she’s surprised. When Geum-soon performs hair coloring until late, Jae-hee volunteers to become her hair model. Eun-ju finds out that Young-ok’s kidney donor was Geum-soon and she’s actually Young-ok’s biological daughter. Feeling betrayed, Eun-ju goes to meet Jae-hee. Meanwhile, Geum-soon comes home after having a date with Jae-hee. She feels guilty when she sees Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh.

Eps. 119
Eun-ju, Mi-ja and Geum-soon have dinner together. Geum-soon realizes the fact that she has forgotten about her dead husband Jeong-wan while she’s been dating Jae-hee. She feels terrible about that. Feeling depressed, Geum-soon goes to her grandmother and tells her about her feelings. Jae-hee waits for Geum-soon in front of her house. However, he feels hurt when Geum-soon tries to hide when Tae-wan passes by. Jae-hee tells Mi-ja that he has a girlfriend and he will introduce her to her soon.

Eps. 120
Mi-ja tells Eun-ju that Jae-hee has a girlfriend. She feels sorry for Eun-ju who has feelings for her son. Eun-ju can’t believe that Jae-hee is thinking about introducing Geum-soon to Mi-ja. Frustrated, Eun-ju tells Mi-ja that the woman Jae-hee has in mind is Geum-soon. Jae-hee chooses a ring for Geum-soon. Geum-soon feels that Jae-hee is going to tell her something serious.

Eps. 121
Geum-soon is surprised at Jae-hee’s marriage proposal. However, she pretends to be calm and tells him that she wants to be a beautician more than be someone else’s wife. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him any more. When Jae-hee comes home, he finds Mi-ja furious.
Meanwhile, Shi-wan decides to tell his father about Seong-ran’s divorce. Shi-wan manages to bring it up.

Eps. 122
Mr. Noh can’t sleep after hearing about Seong-ran’s past. Jeong-shim notices that her husband is worried about something, but she doesn’t know what it is. Seong-ran and Shi-wan feel terribly uncomfortable with Mr. Noh’s change of attitude. Meanwhile, Geun-soon comes to Mi-ja’s beauty salon to have Mi-ja check out her hair-coloring skills. However, Mi-ja asks her to leave. Jae-hee is nervous when he can’t get hold of Geum-soon. Jae-hee waits for her in front of her house.

Eps. 123
Geum-soon tells Jae-hee that she won’t see him anymore. She also asks him not to call her anymore. Jae-hee is speechless. On her way home, Geum-soon feels lonely and calls Young-ok. Meanwhile, Jae-hee finds out that Mi-ja slapped Geum-soon. He confronts his mother and they have a terrible argument. Mrs. Noh meets Seong-ran’s ex father-in-law and tells him that he can’t be his friend anymore. However, when Seong-ran’s ex father ?in-law speaks ill of Seong-ran, Mr. Noh gets furious and punches him in the face.

Eps. 124
Jeong-shim happens to answer Geum-soon’s cell phone when Jae-hee calls. Jae-hee is surprised and hangs up. Later, Jeong-shim asks Geum-soon about the man named ‘Jae-hee’. Geum-soon tells her that he’s just a colleague working at the beauty shop. Seong-ran is disappointed with Shi-wan not for having been honest with his parents. They have an argument. Geum-soon sees Jae-hee waiting for her in front of her house. Then, Tae-wan comes home and Geum-soon tries to go into the house with him ? as she ignores Jae-hee.

Eps. 125
Jae-hee grabs Geum-soon and asks her to talk with him. Tae-wan is angry at Jae-hee and punches him. Geum-soon tries to stop Tae-wan. Tae-wan feels betrayed when he realizes that Geum-soon really cares about Jae-hee. Shi-wan and Seong-ran visit Mr. Noh at his office. They ask for his forgiveness, but Mr. Noh asks them to leave.
Meanwhile, Jae-hee sends Geum-soon a message asking her to come out of the house to meet him. He threatens her that he’ll go into her house and lets everyone know about their relationship. Geum-soon doesn’t know what to do.

Eps. 126
Jae-hee is very upset when Geum-soon doesn’t answer the phone. Jae-hee decides to go to the beauty shop and confront Geum-soon. The staff at the beauty shop is very curious about what is going on between Jae-hee and Geum-soon. Shi-wan feels so sorry for having lied to his father in order to marry Seong-ran. Feeling betrayed and disappointed, Mr. Noh cries in front of his son. Meanwhile, Geum-ah gets nauseous at the dinner table. Geum-ah’s mother and grandmother suspect her to be pregnant.

Eps. 127
Oh Mi-ja gets mad and tells Geum-soon to get out. However, Geum-soon tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong and she doesn’t deserve to be fired. Jae-hee tells Mi-ja that he can’t live without Geum-soon. Mi-ja feels betrayed by her own son. Geum-soon’s grandmother gets grumpy when her son and daughter-in-law have fun without her. Meanwhile, Mr. Noh tells Shi-wan and Seong-ran to move out. He also asks them to say nothing about Seong-ran’s past to Jeong-shim.

Eps. 128
Geum-soon tells Jae-hee that she can’t be with him. Jae-hee comes home and tells his mother that Geum-soon is the only woman that he can talk to about his family secret. Meanwhile, Geum-ah’s grandmother and mother both believe that Geum-ah’s unusual dream suggests that’s she’s pregnant. Jae-hee decides to meet Geum-soon’s grandmother and asks for her help. Jeong-shim happens to go into Seong-ran’s room and finds a photograph of her son.

Eps. 129
Geum-soon’s aunt and grandmother are surprised when Jae-hee comes home and tells them that he wants to marry Geum-soon. Jeong-shim can’t understand why Mr. Noh suddenly wants Shi-wan and Seong-ran to move out. She asks him the reason, but he doesn’t say anything. Tae-wan happens to see Jae-hee’s message on Geum-soon’s phone. Jae-hee says that he’ll wait for her until she comes to see him. Tae-wan gets angry at Geum-soon.

Eps. 130
Tae-wan goes to meet Jae-hee. He lies to Jae-hee that Geum-soon sent him because she doesn’t want to see Jae-hee. Jae-hee comes home with bruises on his face, which surprises Mi-ja. However, Jae-hee gives Mi-ja the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Eun-ju tells Dr. Jang and Young-ok that she’ll stay at her relative’s house in another country. Seong-ran tells Jeong-shim that she’s been married before. Jeong-shim comes back home late at night and goes into Seong-ran’s room. She starts packing Shi-wan’s belongings.

Eps. 131
While looking at her son sleeping, Geum-soon picks up her cell phone and notices the messages that Jae-hee has sent. She realizes how much Jae-hee cares about her. She can’t help but cry. Jae-hee is still shocked and frustrated that Geum-soon sent Tae-wan on her behalf. Jae-hee is thinking about meeting Geum-soon in person and confronting her, Mi-ja is surprised when Eun-ju wants to quit her job. She tries to change her mind, but it’s useless. Meanwhile, when Young-ok runs into Jae-hee, she asks him about Geum-soon.

Eps. 132
After making up his mind to let Geum-soon go, Jae-hee can’t concentrate on anything. When Eun-ju calls him, he goes out to meet her. Young-ok tells Geum-soon what Jae-hee said to her. Geum-soon is heartbroken for hurting Jae-hee. Meanwhile, Eun-ju tells Jae-hee that she still has feelings for him. However, he’s hard on Eun-ju. When Eun-ju turns around and leaves, Jae-hee loses his balance and falls down. His wrist is badly injured.

Eps. 133
Jae-hee is upset about his injury. Eun-ju feels responsible for the accident. He’s sent to the hospital and Mi-ja rushes there. While preparing dinner at home, Geum-soon has a strange feeling that something’s wrong with Jae-hee. She can’t stop thinking about him. For Jae-hee, the fact that he can’t be with Geum-soon hurts him more than his injury. He’s desperate.

Eps. 134
Jae-hee refuses to have visitors at his hospital room. Mi-ja is sad about her son’s cold attitude. Meanwhile, Geum-soon gets sick because she’s worried too much. Seong-ran tells Shi-wan that she has to take care of her son for a while instead of her ex-husband taking care the son, as he’s been doing up until now. Shi-wan asks her to not to mention this fact to the family until everything gets settled. Geum-soon hears that Jae-hee is in the hospital and she heads over to see him.

Eps. 135
Geum-soon visits Jae-hee in the hospital, but he asks her to leave. Geum-soon can’t believe that Jae-hee kicks her out of the room. She doesn’t know what to do. She just waits around at the hospital. Seong-ran tells the family that she wants to take care of her son for a year until her ex can take the child back. Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh are speechless. Geum-soon goes to her grandmother and says that she’ll never able to let Jae-hee go.

Eps. 136
Geum-soon goes back to Jae-hee’s hospital room. Jae-hee is getting ready to leave the hospital when she walks in. He ignores her. Geum-soon tells him that she loves him. She promises not to run away from him anymore. Geum-soon’s aunt doesn’t feel normal. Her mother-in-law asks if she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Jeong-shim suggests to Mr. Noh that Shi-wan and Seong-ran get divorced.

Eps. 137
Jae-hee and Geum-soon have a great time together. Jae-hee wants to meet Geum-soon’s son Hui-seong. She feels thankful. Mi-ja is shocked to see Jae-hee and Geum-soon walking together holding hands. Mi-ja wants to talk to Geum-soon. Jeong-shim tells Seong-ran to get divorced with Shi-wan. She’s shocked, but she tells her than she’ll talk to Shi-wan about it. Geum-soon’s aunt takes a pregnancy test.

Eps. 138
Jae-hee asks Mi-ja to accept Geum-soon. He tells her that although he tried to forget her, he couldn’t. Worrying about Geum-soon, Young-ok goes to persuade Mi-ja in person. Meanwhile, Mi-ja fires Geum-soon and Geum-soon packs up her stuff. Jae-hee and Geum-soon go to the daycare center together to see Hui-seong.

Eps. 139
Jeong-shim happens to see Geum-soon, Jae-hee and Hui-seong together. Geum-soon seems so happy to Jeong-shim, but Jeong-shim isn’t happy about it. Mi-ja is shocked to hear that Jae-hee’s condition is more serious than it seems. Seong-ran apologizes to the family for causing so much trouble. She tells them that she’ll get divorced with Shi-wan. However, Shi-wan says that he’ll never divorce Seong-ran since everything has been his fault from the beginning. Looking at her dead husband Jeong-wan’s picture, Geum-soon finally bids a tearful goodbye.

Eps. 140
On his way back from meeting Seong-ran, Mr. Noh feels depressed. He buys some flowers for his wife Jeong-shim. Jeong-shim bursts into tears when her husband tries to comfort her with flowers. Meanwhile, when Jae-hee tells Geum-soon that he’ll tell her in-laws about their relationship, she asks him not to. Tae-wan and Mr. Noh happen to see Geum-soon and Jae-hee together in front of their house. When saying good night to Jae-hee, Geum-soon realizes that Tae-wan and Mr. Noh are watching them.

Eps. 141
Mr. Noh asks Geum-soon who Jae-hee is. Tae-wan tells him that Jae-hee is one of his friends. However, Mr. Noh finds it strange that Geum-soon is uncharacteristically at a loss (for words? Tae-wan feels frustrated and betrayed by Geum-soon, but he tries not to show his feelings. Shi-wan and Seong-ran decide to persuade their parents again. Meanwhile, Jae-hee takes Geum-soon to his mother Mi-ja. Mi-ja can’t believe her eyes when she sees a ring on Geum-soon’s finger.

Eps. 142
Mi-ja and Jae-hee have an argument when Jae-hee finds out that Mi-ja has made an insulting remark to Young-ok and Dr. Jang. Jae-hee asks her to accept the woman he loves, but Mi-ja tells him that she would rather die than accept Geum-soon as her daughter-in-law. Jae-hee gets on his knees and begs her to accept Geum-soon. However, Mi-ja just can’t understand why her son has fallen for someone like Geum-soon. Jae-hee, Geum-soon and Hui-seong have a good time together. Geum-soon is happy to see that her son likes Jae-hee. Later, when Geum-soon comes back home late, Tae-wan tells her that he doesn’t care what she does, but he doesn’t want to see her meeting another man while she’s still living in the family’s house.

Eps. 143
Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim see Tae-wan yelling at Geum-soon. They’re curious what is going on. Geum-soon doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Mi-ja finds a picture in Jae-hee’s room in which Jae-hee, Geum-soon and Hui-seong are smiling together. Geum-soon and Jae-hee go to see Geum-soon’s grandmother. After giving it a lot of thought, Mi-ja decides to talk to Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim.

Eps. 144
Mi-ja visits Mr. Noh’s house without any notice and tells Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim about the relationship between Geum-soon and Jae-hee. They’re so shocked that they can’t say a word. Meanwhile, Jae-hee tells Geum-soon’s grandmother and her aunt’s family that he wants to marry Geum-soon. Seong-ran’s ex-husband asks Seong-ran to take their son earlier than scheduled. Geum-soon tells Jae-hee that she’s ready to tell her in-laws about their relationship.

Eps. 145
Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim tell Geum-soon that Mi-ja has come and told them everything. Geum-soon apologizes for not having told them earlier, but Jeong-shim yells at her. Jae-hee finds out that his mother went to Geum-soon’s house. He gets furious. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim completely ignore Geum-soon. They don’t look her in the eyes and they don’t even eat the food that she makes.

Eps. 146
Jae-hee is worried when he can’t get hold of Geum-soon. He sends her a text message. Geum-soon gets sad when she sees his message. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim can’t sleep, thinking about what to do with Geum-soon. They’re still in shock. Missing Geum-soon, Jae-hee goes to Hui-seong’s kindergarten to meet him. Jeong-shim comes to pick up Hui-seong and sees Jae-hee and Hui-seong together. Seeing her grandson and her daughter-in-law’s boyfriend together, Jeong-shim loses control of herself.

Eps. 147
Furious about Jae-hee’s meeting Hui-seong, Jeong-shim tells Geum-soon to move out of the house. Geum-soon doesn’t know what to say. Jeong-shim takes Hui-seong away from Geum-soon. Worried about Geum-soon, Jae-hee paces around Geum-soon’s house. Realizing that Jeong-shim is trying to keep Hui-seong away from her, Geum-soon confesses to Jeong-shim what she has on her mind.

Eps. 148
Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim agree that it’s time to let Geum-soon go. When Geum-soon sees Young-ok waiting for her around her house, she feels happy and relieved. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim tell Geum-soon to marry Jae-hee. They also want to meet him. Geum-soon feels thankful for their thoughtfulness. Jae-hee hears from Geum-soon and gets ready to meet Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim. Jae-hee is invited to Mr. Noh’s house. Mr. Noh asks Jae-hee lots of questions.

Eps. 149
Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh are surprised when Jae-hee tells them that he’ll raise Hui-seong as his son. However, Jeong-shim strongly refuses it. Geum-soon can’t imagine living without Hui-seong. Jeong-shim feels bad about Geum-soon, but she can’t give up her grandson, either. Geum-soon’s grandmother feels sad when she hears about Geum-soon and Jae-hee from Young-ok. Young-ok tells her that she wants to get Geum-soon a place to live. Meanwhile, Eun-ju gets ready to leave the country and Dr. Jang tries to change her mind.

Eps. 150
Jae-hee promises that he’ll become a great stepfather for Hui-seong. He even says that he won’t have any children until Hui-seong gets used to the new family. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim are impressed. However, when Jae-hee mentions that Hui-seong’s last name will be changed, they aren’t happy at all. Mr. Noh tells Geum-soon to move out as soon as possible. While Geum-soon is out, everyone goes out to dinner.

Eps. 151
Realizing that Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim are trying to keep Hui-seong away from her, Geum-soon complains to them. She feels confused and sorry about Hui-seong. Mr. Noh tells Geum-soon to give up marrying Jae-hee if she wants to keep Hui-seong.
Meanwhile, Mi-ja wants to meet Geum-soon. Jae-hee is confused about why his mother wants to see her. Jae-hee goes to meet Shi-wan at work.

Eps. 152
Mi-ja asks Geum-soon to come and work for her again. Geum-soon is surprised. Mi-ja tells Geum-soon that she won’t be against the marriage if she gives up Hui-seong. Geum-soon doesn’t say anything. Geum-soon’s grandmother asks Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim to let Geum-soon raise Hui-seong. However, they strongly refuse her request. After doing some research on her own, Geum-soon tells Mr. Noh that she has legal custody of Hui-seong.

Eps. 153
Jae-hee tries to make Geum-soon feel better, but nothing seems to work. When Jae-hee gives her a piggyback ride, Geum-soon has hard time not crying. Geum-soon tells the family that she’ll look for a place to move. Mr. Noh tries to ignore her, which makes her very sad. Later, Mr. Noh asks Geum-soon not to take away Hui-seong who is the only child of his dead son.

Eps. 154
Geum-soon tells Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim that she can’t give up Hui-seong. However, they just ignore Geum-soon. When Jae-hee calls Geum-soon, she bursts into tears. Geum-soon tells her grandmother that she has found a place to move into. However, Geum-soon’s grandmother senses that Geum-soon is hesitant about her decision to marry Jae-hee. Meanwhile, Young-ok is shocked to find out that Dr. Jang has stomach cancer. Geum-soon happens to see Mr. Noh crying over Jeong-wan’s picture in the middle of the night.

Eps. 155
Geum-soon’s grandmother hears that Hui-seong’s grandparents aren’t willing to give up Hui-seong. Jae-hee’s mother doesn’t want Geum-soon to bring in the child, either. She tells Geum-soon to give up marrying Jae-hee by saying that a mother shouldn’t abandon her child for any reason. She also meets Jae-hee and asks him to let Geum-soon go. Jae-hee goes to meet Geum-soon and happens to see her lost in thought. Meanwhile, Shi-wan and Seong-ran move out.

Eps. 156
Geum-soon gets a job at another beauty shop. Jae-hee makes up his mind and tells Geum-soon that he’ll let her go, just because he doesn’t want her to become sad. Geum-soon can’t help but cry when realizing Jae-hee’s thoughtfulness. Jae-hee’s father comes to Mi-ja’s shop. He tells her that he has learned about his son’s existence and wants to meet him.

Eps. 157
Geum-soon tells Jeong-shim that she won’t marry Jae-hee. She also tells the family that she’ll live with them forever. Tae-wan can’t believe that Geum-soon gave up marrying Jae-hee to stay with the family. Geum-soon pretends to be all right, but when nobody’s around, she cries bitterly. Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh feel terribly guilty about Geum-soon and Jae-hee’s breakup. However, Geum-soon tells them that she doesn’t want to get married if doing so hurts other people.

Eps. 158
Geum-soon works even harder around the house so as not to be lost in thought. Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim feel sorry for Geum-soon who pretends to be cheerful around them. Meanwhile, after giving it a lot of thought, Mi-ja tells Jae-hee that she wants to meet Geum-soon’s son. Mr. Noh realizes that Jae-hee and Geum-soon miss each other. He meets Jae-hee in person. Jae-hee is surprised when Mr. Noh asks him if he can promise to love and care for Geum-soon for the rest of his life.

Eps. 159
After talking to Mr. Noh, Geum-soon and Jae-hee can’t believe the fact that they can be back together. They’re very excited. They hug each other with tears in their eyes. Oh Mi-ja tells Geum-soon that she’s willing to accept Hui-seong as her grandson. Geum-soon tells Young-ok about her happy news, which makes Young-ok very happy. Geum-soon thanks everyone in the family. She feels so grateful that she can’t help but cry.

Eps. 160
Early in the morning, Jae-hee comes to Mr. Noh’s house. He tells Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim to treat him as their son-in-law as they treat Geum-soon as their daughter. Dr. Jang meets Geum-soon and apologizes for what he has done to her. Geum-soon and Hui-seong go to meet Mi-ja.

Eps. 161
After meeting Mi-ja, Geum-soon tells Jae-hee that she’ll be the most wonderful wife in the world to show him how much she loves him and how much she appreciates him. Mr. Noh tells Geum-soon that the family couldn’t let her go earlier because they love her so much. He tells her to live a happy life with Jae-hee. He also tells her not to come to see them so often until she and Hui-seong get used to their new life.

Eps. 162
It’s Jae-hee and Geum-soon’s wedding day. Jae-hee is thrilled. Geum-soon looks beautiful in her wedding dress. After the wedding, they go on a honeymoon. Meanwhile, Seong-ran realizes that Mr. Noh and Jeong-shim feel sad not having Geum-soon around anymore. She suggests to Shi-wan and her son Uju that they move in Mr. Noh’s house to take care of them.

Eps. 163
A year has passed by.

Geum-soon’s grandmother gets upset to see her daughter-in-law sleeping while the baby is crying. Meanwhile, Jeong-shim goes to see Tae-wan acting in a commercial. She happens to be offered a role in a commercial.
Geum-soon is taking the final test to become a hairdresser. She’s very nervous. Meanwhile, Mr. Oh, the man who hosted Jae-hee’s wedding, has a crush on Eun-ju. He follows her around asking her to go out with him.

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